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Notice of Annual Meeting

Dear Credit Union Members,

The Annual Meeting and Election of the Credit Union will be held at the Martin Sanchez Building located at the Bishop Celanese Plant April 24, 2020 at 4:00 p.m. We hope you are able to attend the Annual Meeting and Election.

In accordance with the Credit Union’s Bylaws, the Secretary hereby submits the following Annual Election Notice:

There are three (3) terms expiring on the board of Directors. The following three incumbent Directors have been re-nominated for election by the Nominating Committee:

Ken May – three year term

Wayne Straty – three year term

Brian Hokkanen – three year term

In accordance with our Bylaws, additional nominations for vacancies may also be made by petition. A petition must be submitted in accordance with the following: A petitioning nominee must prepare and submit the Application for Chemcel Federal Credit Union Board of Directors and the Petition Forms. The forms can be obtained from Chemcel Federal Credit Union by calling (361) 584-6246 and are available at all Chemcel FCU branch locations.

The completed Application and Petition Forms must be received at the Main Office located at 5740 County Rd, Bishop, TX, 78343, and filed with the Secretary of the Board of Directors by March 17, 2020.

At least 1%, of our approximately 9,500, eligible voting members must sign the Chemcel Federal Credit Union Petition Form(s). Each petition signer must be a qualified member of Chemcel Federal Credit Union as defined by the credit union Bylaws (which means that the individual has met all the requirements of membership).

Failure to follow these procedures will prevent the petition nominee(s) from being placed on the official ballot.

The Nominating Committee will review the petition nominee(s) application(s) and verify the nominee’s eligibility. If qualifying nominations are received by petition, the names of the nominee(s) will be added to the ballot. No nominee(s) will be added to the ballot unless they are nominated by the Nominating Committee or by approved Petition as stated above. Nominations from the floor will not be permitted.

At the Annual Meeting and Election on April 24, 2020 all persons nominated by either the Nominating Committee or by Petition shall be placed before the Members for a vote. The election will be determined by plurality vote and will be by ballot except when there is only one nominee for each position to be filled. When nominations are closed, the chair-appointed Tellers of Election, will distribute and collect ballots, then tally the votes. Nominations cannot be made from the floor unless insufficient nominations have been made by the Nominating Committee or by petition to provide for one Nominee for each position to be filled. Only those positions without a nominee are subject to nomination from the floor. The results of the Annual Election will be announced at the Annual Meeting.


John Reeser

Secretary, Nominating Committee

Chemcel Federal Credit Union