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High school is an exciting time and a time to gain more independence. It might be the right time to open a checking account with a debit card, maybe get a credit card, and you will want to sign up for mobile banking.

A checking account will give you flexibility and will continue with you as you head to college or go into the workforce. Opening a credit card is a great way to start building a positive credit history once you turn 18! And with online banking and our mobile app, your accounts will always be within arm’s reach.

CFCU has resources available to you, to help you set your student up for financial success.

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Send Them Money, Fast… whether it’s an allowance, a gift, or something totally different, we know you need a convenient, and secure way to send your student money.

When you are a CFCU member, we can set up your CFCU Online account so you can view your student’s account when you log in. This allows you to see balances, transactions and easily transfer between your account and theirs (and vice versa).

For some students, learning how to manage money, the difference between a debit card and a credit card, along with everything else related handling their own account, can be tricky… but it doesn’t have to be. 

We have free financial education videos, It's A Money Thing, for anyone to access, anytime. We have topics focused on budgeting, credit, identity theft prevention, and more – helping your student gain financial confidence and knowledge.

Checking accounts, debit cards, mobile apps and more! These are all products and services that high school students should have experience with, to better prepare them for their financial future.

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Whether you swipe, sign, insert your chip or pay online, there is no monthly fee and no minimum balance with a total free REWARD$ checking account at CFCU. It’s the safe and convenient place to stash the cash you need – whether for going out with friends, gas for your car, going to the game on Friday night, or any other expense. STUDENT ONLY ACCOUNT

  • $0 Monthly Fee
  • $5 Minimum Opening Balance – possible “special” for high school/college students?
  • Free Visa Debit Card

Ready to open a new account? Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Driver’s License or Student ID, and Social Security Card – whenever you open an account, your identity and proof of U.S. residency needs to be verified.
  • Parent or Joint Owner – if you haven’t celebrated your 18th birthday yet, you’ll need to have a parent or another trusted adult be a joint owner of the account
  • A $5 Opening Deposit – this establishes your membership (or ownership) in CFCU

Access to Your Accounts – Anytime, Anywhere

We provide the tools It's A Money Thing you need to make sure your accounts are on the up-and-up! With CFCU online services and mobile apps, you can quickly manage your CFCU accounts in real-time on any PC or mobile device.

Plus, you can set up Alerts, to notify you when specific activities happen with your account. For example, if your balance falls below a certain dollar amount or if there is an amount posted to your account for more than a certain dollar amount. CFCU Alerts can help you keep a close watch on your money. Just enroll in Online Banking to determine the Alerts that are right for you.