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Effective June 1, 2017. If you have any questions on current fees please call the CFCU at 361-584-6246.

Item Fee
Account Research $20/hour
ATM Fee at Non-Proprietary ATMs $1
Bill Payer Free
Certified Check $1/check
Check Cashing $2/item
Check Copy $2/copy
Check Printing Prices vary depending on style
Courtesy Pay Fee per ATM / check / card / ACH $25
Debit/ATM Replacement $5/card
Fast Cash Fee $15/each
Inactive Dormant Account after one year $5/month
Items sent for collection $20/item
Legal Document Process $95/item
Merit Checking Monthly Service $8/month
Money Market Minimum Balance (if minimum balance not met) $10/month
Money Market Transfer (after 6 per month) $5/transfer
Money Order $1/order
Monthly Bad Address $5/month
Non-Sufficient Funds $25/item
Overdraft Check Clearing $25/item
Overdraft From Shares $1/item
Par Value of One Share $5
Prime Checking Minimum Balance (if minimum balance not met) $5/month
In Control Checking (non-qualifying fee) $5/month
Returned Credit Card Payment $25/item
Returned Item $25/item
Share Savings Account Minimum Balance (if minimum balance not met) $1/month
Coin Machine - Non Members / Business Use 10%
Statement Copy $3/copy
Stop Payment $25/request
Telephone Transfer (not audio response or ATM) $1/transfer
Wire Transfer (Outgoing) $25/transfer
Safe Deposit Box - 3x5 $15/year
Safe Deposit Box - 3x10 $25/year
Safe Deposit Box - 5x10 $45/year
Safe Deposit Box - Lock Change $25
Safe Deposit Box - Drilling $95